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Full Service Private Investigations:

Background Screening, Due Diligent and more: We have been providing pre-employment background screening for several bay area companies.  There are several levels of pre-employment backgrounds covering a basic search would provide information such as confirming the person holds a valid Social Security Number issued to the subject, which would include a list of previous and current addresses associated with the subject.  With the addresses information we determine which county the subject has resided in or worked in the past 7 years and conduct a County-wide search of the Limited & Unlimited Civil Records and Active & Inactive Criminal Records Index, sexual predator search, and a driving record search.  We can customize the pre-employment due diligent search specifically to your needs.

Did you know?  If your company hires a dangerous, unqualified, or dishonest Candidate and harm occurs on the job, You ARE AT Risk of a lawsuit. 

-- Your company also runs the risk of lost business and a damaged reputation. -- In short, just one bad decision could put you out of business.

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